Sling Record

If your organisation uses hoists to move clients, then you need Sling Record!


Sling Record has been devised by Pat Alexander, MSC, PGDip, PGCE, MCSP, CMIOSH, MIfL, Consultant Back Care Advisor, Registered Member of National Back Exchange and expert witness in lifting injuries for the Health and Safety Executive, who says: “I have worked for the Health and Safety Executive on many fatal accident investigations involving hoists and slings, and the majority of these seemed to be at least partly caused through poor recording systems. By referring to the completed Sling Record form, the carer can select and fit the correct sling for the client with confidence.”


Sling Record is a set of 16 templates, each one featuring a commonly used type of sling. Use of Sling Record reduces the risk that a carer will use the wrong sling or apply it incorrectly.

How to start using Sling Record:

• Buy Sling Record from our website by clicking the link below. We will send you a folder of templates. 

• Following a competent assessment of the client’s mobility needs, identify the sling recommended by the assessor from the 16 available.

• From the folder, print out the appropriate template and fill it in.

• The form shows a record of the size and type of sling needed, and which loops to connect to the spreader bar, plus any special information about the client, such as pain or involuntary movements.

• It’s quick and easy to complete…and the pictorial format makes it easily understood by busy carers, including those whose first language is not English. 

• Completing the form and placing it in the client’s care plan allows care providers to meet their legal and professional requirements to record how staff can handle each client safely.

• Place a copy in the client’s room or bathroom, where staff can readily refer to it!



Buy Sling Record for installation on a single computer here (£17.99). (Alternatively, Sling Record Online is also available for larger organisations with an intranet. Contact us for more details.)