Moving and Handling People an Illustrated Guide

The third edition of Moving and Handling People An Illustrated Guide is now available at a cost of £35 plus £3.50 p&p.
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This fully revised and updated step-by-step guide to best practice remains a must-have for anyone working in health care, social care, education or any other setting where manual handling of people is needed. Retaining all the clarity and details of previous editions of this title, this 155-page book contains more than 50 guidelines organised into nine sections: 

  • A fully updated and comprehensive Introduction including the latest guidance and legislation, on which the best practice described throughout the book is based.
  • A new Equipment section outlining the key equipment described.
  • Principles of safe handling and risk assessment.
  • Weight-bearing activities and transfers.
  • Getting in and out of bed.
  • Moving in bed.
  • Management of the falling and fallen person.
  • Transferring people with hoists.
  • Short-term solutions.
  • Hazardous handling.

The editors of the third edition are Carol Croshaw, an experienced physiotherapist (recently retired) who has specialised in manual handling and occupational health, and Mike Fray, Senior Lecturer in Ergonomics and Human Factors in Loughborough Design School at Loughborough University. Carol and Mike have been ably assisted by a team of authors: Clair Gibson, Nicola Helen Sharpe, Pamela Sherliker and Lesley Wonnacott. All have master's degrees in Back Care Management from the University of Loughborough and are members of the Loughborough Alumni Research Forum. All are highly regarded in the specialist field of moving and handling people. 


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Hear what people said about the first two editions:

A 'must' for all carers

"This useful a 'must' for all carers, handling advisors, those who guide and teach moving and handling and people and professionals who are involved in the provision and use of the relevant equipment."

Sarah Tunstall in The Column



"Moving and Handling People An Illustrated Guide is superb, and that is a view that is shared by everyone I have shown it to."

Angela Hope
Senior Lecturer Adult and Child Nursing Studies
University of Huddersfield



Well impressed

"I purchased this product several months ago and have used it in my working practice to show care staff the pictorial guide to back up my moving and handling plans. I am now going to discuss with my employer to fund access to the Clinical skills web site so the procedures can be downloaded and given as part of the moving and handling plans.

Well impressed with the book, best I have come across so far. Staff find pictorial information reassuring and quicker to acknowledge than written information.

Excellent, Excellent!"

"Bloss" on Amazon


Every ward and care home should have a copy

“ have done wonders with the publication of Moving and Handling People an Illustrated Guide. In my mind, this is a long overdue publication. The Guide to the Handling of People is an invaluable asset for all manual handling practitioners; however, this book, which is written by many of the same people, takes out all the academia and shows in a simple step-by-step process what the other book actually means. The graphics are very well done, showing how to get from one step to the next. I personally think that every ward, nursing station and care home should have one available at all times and staff be encouraged to regularly refer to it.”

Gavin Wright
Independent Moving and Handling Consultant
Peterlee, Co. Durham




“I really do love the book. In fact, I would go one better than saying I love the book—it is brilliant!  It’s what the world of manual handling training has been waiting for!”

Margaret Worth (Rospa trained)
Margaret Worth Training
Minehead, Somerset


Clearly written and thoroughly practical

“This is a comprehensively illustrated, step-by-step guide to moving and handling. Clearly written and thoroughly practical, the book is a highly accessible reference volume for all staff, and it can be used as the basis for all the training that needs to be done in this area.”

Caring Times, February 2011 edition 


Truly wonderful illustrations

"This title really is a superb guide and workbook for all healthcare staff looking to improve their people moving skills. The book has some truly wonderful illustrations and clearly defines the moves in an 'easy to understand' way. Highly recommended!!!"

"Charles" on Amazon