How can I get access to clinicalskills.net?

Subscriptions to clinicalskills.net are available for universities, NHS trusts, training organisations and care homes, with access via an instant log-in link placed on a password-protected intranet, or via OpenAthens/Shibboleth. We will also soon be offering subscriptions for smaller organisations without an intranet—check out our online shop for more information. 


How often do you review and update the material in clinicalskills.net?

All of our procedures are reviewed by their authors or editors at regular intervals. We send out the procedures to authors and editors approximately every 18 to 24 months and we are in touch with our authors in between times to check whether any updating is required. Also, immediately we are aware of new evidence or guidance that will affect a procedure, we initiate a review of that procedure by the author or editor; some procedures have been updated twice a year to incorporate such changes. All new procedures are subjected to double-blind peer review; existing procedures that undergo major changes also undergo further double-blind peer review.

What if there's something extra we'd like to see?

If you're lucky, it might already be on its way—give us a call on 020 8995 3336 or email info@clinicalskills.net to find out. If we haven't got it sorted already, we can add it to our list!

What if our policies and procedures are different to the ones in your package?

Ideally, we like to adapt our procedures so that they are acceptable throughout the UK, in accordance with the available evidence. However, policies and practice may vary, so you can now add notes to our procedures to highlight any differences to your users. You can also upload your own policies to your clinicalskills.net account, allowing you to make clinicalskills.net a one-stop shop for all your organisation's guidance on clinical skills.