Online learning

Supporting revalidation, checking learning, building evidence for CPD


Easy access to for your users, wherever they are, means it’s easy for them to study at a time and place convenient to them. Our procedures provide them with excellent evidence-based reference material that aligns with best practice.


Depending on their educational level, your staff or students can also readily explore a wealth of associated reading material—much of it available online and accessible with one click of the mouse.


To help with the requirements of revalidation, nurses and midwives can record and store their CPD activity and reflective accounts using the NMC templates to prepare for reflective/confirmation discussions.


To check your users’ learning, you can now also provide them with access to our new online tests. You can:


·      Invite users to take tests;

·      Organise your users in teams and tailor content according to their needs;

·      See their results and review their answers;

·      Obtain detailed reporting on what tests users have taken;

·      Create your own tests by selecting questions from our question banks

·      Convert your own paper tests to online, so you no longer have to mark them on paper

·      Test your training group before and after training, to measure progress

·      Ask your training group to take a theoretical test before doing practical training, thus making best use of time in the skills lab.

·      Use tests to identify users who need extra support on a topic, such as medicines calculations