Quality guarantee

Your go-to resource for current best practice

We believe that no other resource can offer you the same level of updating that clinicalskills.net offers. When important guidance changes, such as that affecting infection control practice, for example, we’re always ready to update our procedures so that they reflect the very latest evidence. Our updates, fully peer reviewed, can be available just weeks after new guidance comes out!

For example, following the recent change in the UK Resuscitation Council’s guidance on 15 October 2015, our updates were up on the website beginning the first week of December 2015. They were fully updated and peer reviewed within a matter of weeks. So, with clinicalskills.net, you can check that your practice is in line with the most recent evidence on best practice.

Our updates can be very rapid partly because we use illustrations and not videos. We can put updates up on clinicalskills.net within hours, if need be, unlike video-based resources.

We scour nursing publications and government guidance for updates—meaning that you don’t have to! Our highly qualified specialist authors are frequently “in the know” about new guidance that’s about to come out, so that we are often ahead of the curve when it comes to updating.

Practice can vary, of course. But if you should have any concerns that our procedures might be at variance with your policies, we guarantee to:

• Respond rapidly to any queries you might have.
• Work with your staff to come to an evidence-based solution that will satisfy you.

With clinicalskills.net, you can also:

• Add notes to all procedures relevant to your organisation
• Add notes to individual procedures about local policies
• Add your own policies so that you can keep all local guidance in one place—on your clinicalskills.net account!