Who can benefit?

If you’re involved at any level in delivering care, then you need clinicalskills.net!


clinicalskills.net is currently in use in over 200 NHS trusts, UK and Irish universities, care homes and training organisations. Our procedures provide users with excellent evidence-based reference material that aligns with best practice, and we now also offer online tests, a learning management system and a highly interactive resource bank for managers to create and upload their own tests


Here are some of the ways in which tens of thousands of healthcare professionals every month use clinicalskills.net:


Students: clinicalskills.net provides them with a huge amount of support for preparing assignments and, particularly, when they first go into practice. They can test themselves to check their learning; lecturers can also set tests for whole groups.


Lecturers: use clinicalskills.net to help maximise precious time in the skills labs—they ask students to study certain procedures before starting practical sessions, for example, or use clinicalskills.net as the focus of practical sessions. Some lecturers have even admitted they use clinicalskills.net to brush up on their skills when teaching something they haven’t tackled for a while! Lecturers can build customised tests for groups of students, including converting paper tests to online, saving time spent on marking. 


Nurses and Midwives: clinicalskills.net provides nurses with an instant up-to-date check on the principles of a particular skill, as well as supporting those who want to check their practice or refresh their memories. Registered nurses and midwives can record and store their CPD activity and reflective accounts using the NMC templates to prepare for revalidation.


Healthcare support workers: clinicalskills.net provides health care support workers with clear guidance on a range of procedures, including invaluable checklists. Managers can set them tests to evaluate learning and understanding. 


Education and training staff: clinicalskills.net is the perfect resource for education and training staff, who can use it for in-house training sessions, and to create hand-outs to reinforce the training message. By using clinicalskills.net procedures for pre-course reading, it’s possible to cut the number of hours that staff spend away from the wards on training. Education and training staff can create customised tests for defined groups of staff, to address areas of concern within the trust or to produce trust-wide data on medicines calculations, for example.  


Because the procedures are regularly updated, clinicalskills.net saves you a lot of work that you would otherwise have to do, to ensure that local policies and procedures are up to date.


Above all, clinicalskills.net can support your culture. Having clinicalskills.net available to people in your organisation puts across a clear message that “it’s OK to ask what best practice is”, and that you expect staff to check out the latest evidence-based practice on a regular basis. Your staff will know where to go, to check that their practice is in line with best practice and the latest guidance.