So user friendly

It’s quick and easy to find what you’re looking for

Do you sometimes worry that staff or students are turned off by large chunks of text? Or that staff are too busy to find what they need among your organisation’s policies? If you’re looking for user-friendly guidance for your staff or students, then you’re in the right place!

You’ll discover that, on, it’s so quick and easy to find what you want. is ideal for visual learners, or for those whose first language isn’t English.

Our upgraded website is even easier to use now than it was before! The design is clean and fresh, and it’s so straightforward to find your way through the site, plus there’s an excellent search facility.

The illustrations mean it’s possible to zoom in on fine details—something that’s not always done well on videos.

And the ability to scroll down the pages means users can work at their own pace. If they need to check something quickly, they can skip straight to the place that contains that information. But if they want to take their time and read the content in detail, they can scan the pages at their own speed.

Users can access by clicking on a link placed on your organisation’s intranet. Access via OpenAthens (compatible with Shibboleth) is also available, allowing people to log in from home or while off-site, when unable to access the intranet.